How to Get Rid Of Spam Emails on Microsoft Outlook?

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Stop Spam Emails in Outlook 2016

The users can follow the instructions listed below by the professionals for the users looking for steps as how to mark emails as spam on Outlook.

Hints for How to Block Spam Emails on Outlook:

Step 1: Use Block Sender frequently

  • Go to the spam email and make a right-click
  • Then need to select Junk option from the drop menu and click Block Sender
  • After this, select Home and go to Junk and then click on Block Sender

Step 2: If users are getting a lot of spam mails from a single IP address such as, then the users may need to set up a Blocked Sender list.

Step 3: Outlook has a feature known as “Create Rule” to offer the custom email management for sorting, moving and more.

Step 4: Create “Rules Wizard”

  • For this firstly click on Home
  • And move to “Rules” tab then Create Rule
  • From the Create Rule dialog box, the users may click on Advanced Options button

Step 5: Check spam folders often at every level

The users may also need to check the spam folders regularly by multiple levels through spam, phishing and blocking filters, and the rules that govern them.

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