How to Create Archive Folder in Outlook 2010?

Retaining actual emails from the server will have a negative impact on the performance of your account within outlook within web mail client. User can create offline archive for the old emails existing on the email and after doing that these emails can be deleted to reduce the burden on email or outlook; however these emails can be retrieved later after uploading the archived file.

If your emails are moving to junk folder automatically then you need to know best methods to know How to Stop Outlook Moving Emails to Junk or Spam Folder. But to fix cannot create archive folder in outlook 2010 you can read methods below and perform them step by step to solve the problem you know.

Create Archive Folder in Outlook 2010

Steps to Create New Archive Folder in Outlook 2010:


Step1: Open outlook and click on file section on top menu bar.

Step2: Now in info section select account settings and click on data files.

Step3: Now press add new button and select outlook personnel folder file and hit ok button.

Step4: Name personnel folder and if you want to protect it using password generate it.

Step5: Verify that the in mail section the folder is created by the name of archive.


Step1: Open outlook and navigate to file option located at top bar.

Step2: Select info option and click on cleanup tools and in drop down select desired folder.

Step3: Now Select archive this folder and sub folder or to create complete archive click on create all archive.

Step4: Now select path for storing the folder and press ok button to save.

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