How to Fix Outlook SMTP Error 0x800ccc60?

The error appears when you have issues with your internet service provider or may be due to user or server end issue. If you are using older setting with your account you may face error in outlook and mails not delivered on time. In general the port responsible to set up email in outlook is not able to connect to the server.

If you are not able to block spam emails in outlook you can follow our last post to fix the problem. Read now How to block spam emails in outlook 2016. But in this blog you are able to fix 0x800ccc60 outlook error code follow steps below to fix outlook error codes.

Outlook SMTP Error 0x800ccc60

STEPS To Fix Outlook SMTP Error 0x800ccc60:


Step1: Open outlook on your computer go to tools menu or file tab then select account settings and now open email.

Step2: Double click on account and click on more settings. Now check and verify that your email and password is correct. Now check whether the authentication while sending email is enabled.

Step3: Don’t enable SPA if your server doesn’t require it. Now verify that port number is correct and set to either 25(default) or port 587.


Step1: Open the firewall installed on your computer.

Step2: In control panel select advanced setting options and check whether outlook is blocked or not if blocked unblocks it.

Step3: Check if the issue is resolved or not.


Step1: Log on to whatismyipaddress and check your IP address.

Step2: Open firewall and check blocked or blacklisted column for your IP address. If you found your IP in blacklist remove them and save the setting and check the issue is fixed.

Call Outlook Support Number 1-844-707-3772 to Fix Outlook Email Errors

If after executing all the steps given in post above outlook smtp settings is not resolved you can contact an expert. To get connected with outlook professionals you can contact outlook support number and get help online to fix the outlook error 0x800ccc60.Team of certified tech professionals is working here to fix the Outlook problems with right approach.

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