How to Solve Indexing Problem in Outlook 2010, 2013 & 16?

Indexing or search feature in Outlook mail helps you to find the mail or message with option to filter mails from a particular sender or using a keyword etc. However, sometimes due to technical glitches this Outlook indexing not works and you search results are not relevant.

Such issues come usually when you update or upgrade your Outlook mail to better version and your settings or configuration not migrated symmetrically to new version. However, you can fix indexing problem in Outlook 2010, 2013 and 16 by applying these three different methods.

Fix Indexing Problem in Outlook

Method1: Rebuilding the Indexing in Outlook

When you realize the indexing problem in outlook 2010 or other higher version of outlook you can fix it by rebuilding the outlook mail account. The steps for rebuilding the outlook are described below with simple procedure described by the mail experts.

Step1: Click File and sleet “Go to Options”.

Step2: Now go to Search open and then choose “Indexing Options”.

Step3: Here click on Modify option and Uncheck Outlook before pressing Ok.

Method2: Repairing the Default Outlook Data File

When rebuilding process not helps you need to repair the outlook data file. Actually, to repair the outlook data file you have to use a repair tool in the right manner and follow the steps given below. If you not able to do the same call the Outlook mail support phone number.

Step1: Close and Exit the outlook to start the Inbox Repair tool.

Step2: Here repair the .pst file using repair tool. Type the path and file name of your personal folders (.pst) file or you can directly browser the file by locating the file using the Windows file system and then click start button.

If you don’t know where the .pst file is located call outlook mail technical support for online help.

Method3: Recovering repaired items to a new .pst file

Now recover repaired items to a new .pst file or you can optionally try to recover additional repaired items from the backup personal folder. To do these just create a new personal folders (.pst) file entry in your profile, then move the recovered items to your new personal folders (.pst) file.  Follow the steps for recovering the repaired items to a new .pst file.

Step1: Start outlook and select the profile containing the personal folders (.pst) file that you tried to repair.

Step2: Now press CTRL+6 to turn on folder list view and in your folder list you should find the following recovered folders.

Step3: Here you have to create a new personal folder (.pst) file in your profile, though the steps are different that depends up on the version of outlook you are using.

Step4: Now drag the recovered items from the Lost and Found folder to your new Personal Folders (.pst) file.

Step5: When you completed moving all items, you can remove the recovered personal folders (.pst) file from your profile. This folder also includes the Lost and Found folder.

Step6: Now under this last stage if you are satisfied with the information that you recuperated, your work is done. However, if you want to try to recover more information just go to “Recover repaired items from the backup file" or fix the indexing error in outlook 2010 with the help of experts you have to find the right online tech support service provider.

These three are the three best methods to fix solve indexing problem in Outlook 2010, 2013 or 16. If these methods not work you have option to call at Outlook support phone number and get right online solution by industry experts without disturbing your outlook settings or without losing your mail account privacy to others to enjoy uninterrupted and safe mailing services.

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